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PRR AGRO Pvt. Ltd is a group company of an Family Owned and Operated Agriculture Business in Potatoes for the past 50 years. PRR AGRO was established in 2011 for forward integration towards product finilization and distribution to increase efficency and to create market power. PRR Agro vertical integration includes High Quality Seeds, Contract Farming , Branding, Farm Equipment Renting to Farmers, FMCG & Export. It all started in 1961 at Shikohabad ( Western Uttar Pradesh) and subesequetly expanded to Cold Storage at 3 diffrent locations and an additional network of cold storage 80 Nos.


The farmland is spread across 400 Acers of land and is situated in Shikohabad, Western Uttar Pradesh, producing around 8000 metric tons of high yield potato per year, with a cold storage capacity of 60,000 tons. With an additional scope of growing better quality potatoes of 20,000 metric tons on contract farming.We support 2000 farmers family and buy back a substantial amount of produce from them.






















Email us at : biz@prragro.com; Contact us at : 83686 24245

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